After every inspection, New Horizon emails or mails a typed report of their findings to you and your realtor. These reports are organized into three main sections: exterior components, interior components, and mechanical systems.


Each of the three main sections are then sub-divided further with detailed paragraphs of each section;


Exterior - roof, siding, gutters, drainage and grading

Interior - walls, windows, basement, attic

Mechanical - electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, air conditioning, heating


Included at the end of the report are two summary sections;


The first section outlines Material Defects or Immediate Concerns, which list major problematic findings.

The second section outlines Maintenance Tips, which list things you should address soon, keep up with annually, or address as needed.


During the inspection, our inspectors take pictures pertaining to the property, which can be paired with the report. These pictures will be mailed directly to you for your review.